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Erie Canal Cruises

The Erie Canal was a feat of American ingenuity and perseverance. Construction started on the project in 1817, and continued for eight years, running from Albany to Buffalo. It would soon make life easier for many Americans.

According to the Erie Canalway National Heritage website, "It was the longest artificial waterway and the greatest public works project in North America."

You can learn more about this amazing landmark up close and personal. Coast on the Erie Canal itself or just head to the discovery center to open up your mind! Alternatively, you can leisurely sail on the Lockport Locks for some gorgeous views on a fun cruise!

Lockport Locks

Address: 210 Market St, Lockport, NY
Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Adults: $21.50
Children: $11

Cruise Times
All Tours last approximately 2 hours!

Spring (Mid-May - Mid-June)
Every Day: 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM
Saturdays at 10 AM

Summer (Mid-June - Early September)
Every Day: 10 AM, 12:30 PM, and 3 PM

Fall (Mid-September to Mid-October)
Every Day: 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM
Saturdays at 10 AM
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Lockport Boat Tour

The boat tour is not only about history but will enable you to see the town from a different angle. You can listen to the guides, classic canal music, and more! You may even be able to host a wedding or party here if you are able to arrange it!

Your informational cruise will take you across five of the historic locks that lead to the Erie Canal. Part of the reason Lockport got its name is because of the many locks spread throughout the river to gradually let the boats descend or ascend to pass through town.

Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride

Address: 5 Gooding St, Lockport, NY
Hours: 10 AM - 4 PM

Cruise Times: 10 AM - 4 PM

Adults (15+): $27.55
Young Adults (6-14): $18.42
Child (5 and under): $7.35

There are caves underneath Lockport. This is a natural oddity! If you want to experience interesting with your family, you should go on one of the boat rides! You'll be propelled through parts of the cave structure and told interesting stories about its dark depths.
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Haunted Lockport Cave
One of the more chilling activities you can sign up for is the Haunted Lantern Tour of the Erie Canal. Your guide will take you on an hour of fright through the self-proclaimed "tunnels of terror". You'll hear freaky folklore and spooky stories, and see little else other than the dim lanterns ahead. The terrifying tour lasts about an hour.

Is Lockport Cave haunted?
Ghost hunters have explored the tunnels on TV, showing some of the creepiest findings out there.

If you want a truly tense experience, you can go on the ghost hunting tour for 4 hours down in the depths. Will you make it out? Will you be the same afterward?

Erie Canal Discovery Center

Address: 24 Church St, Lockport, NY 14094
Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Adults: $6
Seniors: $5
Children: FREE with a parent or guardian.

Considered one of the best museums for those who want a more traditional historical experience! The beautiful building houses the stories, processes, and exhibits of the individuals who created one of the first great examples of American work.

Lockport's Discovery Center is the perfect place to visit for the family on a budget, or for those who want to view something intellectually stimulating.
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Erie Canal is an important landmark in upstate New York. We hope that you take the time to understand why it is the case, and have a ton of fun while doing so!